Mosquitoes Ivermectin Resistance

The experiments were conducted in two phases.Ivermectin (IVM), an antiparasitic drug which is widely used in human and veterinary medicine, is a potential alternative for targeted control because Culex mosquitoes experience increased mortality.Nevertheless, increasing insecticide resistance and a desire to reduce pesticide usage provide the impetus for developing alternative strategies.Endectocides such as ivermectin are drugs that kill mosquitoes which feed on treated subjects.In phase 1, an ivermectin dose-finding experiment was performed using triplicate batches of 50 female mosquitoes (3–5 days old) with the aim of identifying the 10-day LC 50 of ivermectin for our colony (Fig.5 days in the control group (P.Although this approach has garnered attention, development of ivermectin resistance is a potential pitfall Experimental design.In mosquitoes feeding on volunteers given ivermectin the previous day, mean mosquitoes ivermectin resistance survival was 2.Mass administration of ivermectin can effectively target outdoor and early biting vectors, complementing the still effective conventional tools.

Resistance mosquitoes ivermectin

mosquitoes ivermectin resistance mosquitoes ivermectin resistance